Waterfront Upgrades – Dock Repair

Nichol Marine is our local Dock Contractor who’s helping us with our waterfront upgrades.  Phase 1 is the replacement of the two ramps that join the concrete land-foundations to the floating part of the dock.  Both dock materials and hinges had deteriorated over the decades, so we’re happy to anticipate new aluminum ramps which will likely outlast wood and provide a strong link between the swimming & boat platform and the concrete foundations.  Phase 2 will be the replacement of the underwater swimming platform in the inner dock rectangle.

Repairs started out on a pristine sunny February day, and a few hours later, snow was falling with a return to Winter!  Nichol’s workers got our old wooden infrastructure removed, and an aluminum framework in place, soon to be surfaced!  The following day, the ramps were surfaced with wooden planks, in the same style as the main dock.  Everything looks good!  Thanks Nichol Marine!  Looking forward to Phase 2 – the underwater swimming platform!